Ms Kendra

Ms. Kendra hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. A transplant from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, she has spent her entire adult life in the leather community. Ms Kendra owns slave garrett who has been an owned slave for almost thirty years.

Ms Kendra has received the Pantheon Leather Woman of the Year award as well as the Ms Leather Pride Indiana 2006 and the Indiana Ms Olympus Leather 2000 titles. Ms Kendra received the Golden Paintbrush Award in 2010 from Butchman's in Phoenix. Working with contests and titleholders keeps her busy as she travels around the country with the Great Lakes contestants as they compete at International contests as well as continuing to encourage leather folk to step up and represent their states in contests in the Great Lakes region.

Having come from a very religious background and having a father who is now a retired minister has had an impact on her desire to speak at events and conduct workshops. She has done numerous workshops that included how to find a Master or a slave, how to be the best Master or slave you can be, building communities to work together, how to find good contestants and keep them, anal fisting, flogging, fire play, caning, bondage, wax play, water sports, anal toys, how to shop for the best toys, how to work with people from different communities and what is it like to be a titleholder. Having been in the community since 1982 has given her many experiences and she looks forward to what the next years will bring.

Love of animals has always been a part of her life. She has worked to raise monies for animal shelters as well as promote adoptions of animals from shelters.

International travel has been a life long dream. Traveling is a way to expand our comfort zone and enjoy people of other cultures. Ms Kendra believes that traveling is one of the world’s most pleasurable experiences. To make friends with those of other cultures expands our knowledge of acceptance of those different from us.