Master Barb

I spent the 70's learning the lifestyle. The 80's practicing and teaching others about the lifestyle. The 90's to present day, learning, practicing, playing, teaching, mentoring, and making many, many, friends in the lifestyle. I've gone to events, parties, contests, etc., all the while learning what it takes to be a Leather Woman.

I spent my first 12 years (70's-early 80's) learning how to fist, tie rope and do rough body play among other skills, also only dated during this time and played behind closed doors. I was wearing leather at this time, but mostly for protection riding motorcycles.

Now it was time to train my own boy (early to late 80's) in what we both liked to do. I was introduced to a wonderful red head whom later in life wrote several books and is a sex therapist amongst many other things. Can y'all guess who? We ended up helping her give some women's leather workshops (public play) in the SF bay area and I felt by listening and watching her, she was a mentor. By now, motorcycle leather has turned to vest and chaps, but still had the heavy leather for when I was on the bike. Enters the slave.

By the late 80's the slave and I were very public in our display of wearing leather out to the women's bars from SF down to San Jose. What a mixed reception that was and of course without wearing leather, we couldn't push our way into the men's bars in SF. Most of the men accepted us like sisters in leather, as long as we stayed on the first floor or around the bar, no wandering into their hidey holes! "laughing"

Now we come to the big move from California to Oklahoma (1990). What a cultural shock to say the least, however my friends in SF gave me a contact name to look up once here and boy I didn't wait very long to make it. Enter another men's group who wasn't real happy to have two leather women join them, but the majority ruled, and we were accept as members. I liked these boys, we didn't just have to stay in the bar area, they didn't care.

Now I enter the last chapter (1999-present day). I had met my life partner and later wife. What a ride we had. Joining two more leather groups in the Tulsa area and becoming Dallas community commuters. We have attended contests, events and private parties to name a few, and have made many, many friends in the Dallas area, so many that we considered Dallas our second home. We founded a gorgeous leather family along the way with a few very close friends that I consider family also, but are not part of our leather family. In April of this year (2014) I lost the love of my life to Kidney disease. Life has not been the same since.