About Us

Leather Bash is a weekend devoted to fellowship, education, fun, and two contest , one contest is for the state level. And the other is an International contest.  Mr. and Ms. Ga. Leather is for biological gay men and Lesbians.  International Transgender Leather is a  contest  for transgender folks living a life of their own choosing for more than a year.  We welcome all aspect of the GLBT movement and their peers that are supportive of each aspect of such. 

Under this one roof we need to understand that agreeing and disagreeing , are strongly invited by all parties.

Get over the political rally and have some damn fun. Have a cocktail or a beer at our venue , The Atlanta Eagle.  So sit back enjoy the scenery and come be apart of the weekend and all that we have to offer each other is this weekend event.

Leather Bash a weekend devoted to change one step at a time.


Leather Bash is devoted to the growth and education of such leather men and women that choose to compete and to take a stand in our community to create change yet upholding to those leather traditions, ethic’s and having pride in who they  are and how they can make a difference in solar system of our community.


To see a weekend of smiling faces, familiar faces, tears, Laughter, fellowship, leather , play, everyone enjoying themselves, light bulbs going off in heads,  networking, dancing, letting your hair down because you got a baby sitter,